Neuro Lenses May Be the Answer You've Been Looking For


Infinity EyeCare is excited to offer Neuro Lenses to give our patients the best eye sight available and relief from stressed eyes. Do you have any of these symptoms?

Screening for misalignment of your eyes is offered with every comprehensive eye exam that we do. Call today to schedule your annual eye exam and talk to Dr Shane Clark about vision misalignment and relief.


neurolens® glasses is a new therapeutic solution that provides relief from the symptoms associated with the overuse of digital devices. Developed specifically to reduce or eliminate eye misalignment at all distances, neurolens® is the only lens that corrects the eyes from overcompensating during digital device use.

Eye misalignment

With a misalignment in your visual system, your eyes overcompensate to see one clear image. This can trigger unwanted stress on the trigeminal nerve, causing symptoms of digital vision syndrome. When the misalignment is corrected with neurolenses, your visual system doesn’t need to work as hard, relieving your symptoms.



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