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Patients from Rapid City, South Dakota, and the surrounding area can access emergency eye care for issues including abrasions, foreign bodies in the eye, and injuries with Dr. Shane Clark at Infinity EyeCare. Your vision is important and Dr. Clark wants to help his patients protect and preserve it, regardless of when you experience a problem.

Eye Emergencies Q & A

by Shane Clark, OD, FAAO

What is an eye care emergency?

If you experience sudden vision loss, or a sudden and persistent blurring of vision, contact Dr. Clark at Infinity EyeCare for emergency treatment. Other issues that indicate an eye care emergency may include:

  • Pain in or around the eye
  • Crusty eyes
  • Discharge
  • Excessive tearing
  • Stuck-together eyelids
  • Double vision
  • Flashes or streaks of light
  • Halos
  • New or excessive floaters
  • Crossed, turned, or wandering eye.

If you suffer an injury to your eye like an abrasion, lodging a foreign body in your eye, or are involved in a sports accident, seek emergency from Dr. Clark. Broken or lost glasses or running out of contact lenses -- while urgent -- are not a true emergency. If you break or lose your eyeglasses, request a same-day appointment during regular business hours.

What conditions cause eye care emergencies?

If you have an accident while playing a sport or while traveling in a car and your eyes are scratched or otherwise injured, contact Dr. Clark immediately. Eye infections may require emergency care or if you suffer from an adverse reaction to a contact lens that, for example, becomes stuck to your eye. Request emergency care if you are exposed to any chemicals that cause eye pain or disturb your vision or if you have any foreign particles stuck in your eye.

What should I do if something gets stuck in my eye?

First, do not rub your eye! Rubbing your eye may move the object around and scratch your cornea. You can try to blink, to produce extra tears to wash it out. If you can’t wash it out naturally, gently and loosely apply a warm compress and contact Dr. Clark at Infinity EyeCare for advice on what to do next. Have a friend or family member drive you to the office. Even if your vision isn’t impaired, Dr. Clark may need to use drops that can make it difficult for you to drive yourself home. If you accidentally splash a chemical into your eye, rinse it as best you can and contact Dr. Clark for further instruction. It is important to address this issue as quickly as possible to prevent additional damage to your eyes.

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